Unit 3-Cell Reproduction & Molecular Genetics

Cancer’s Wandering Gene
Article Cancer’s Wandering Gene Questions

Article History Of Men

Article Mitochondrial Clock-Romanovs

Article Prenatal Testing

Article Prenatal Testing Questions

Article Progeria

Article Why Genes Aren’t Destiny

Article Why Genes Aren’t Destiny Questions

Biotechnology Lecture

Bozeman 27-DNA & RNA Part1

Bozeman 27-DNA & RNA Part2

Bozeman28-CellCycle Mitosis Meiosis

Bozeman29-Mendelian Genetics

Bozeman30-Advanced Genetics

Bozeman31-Gene Regulation

Bozeman33-Genotypes Phenotypes

Bozeman-Chi Square

Bozeman-Transformation Lab

Cancer Activity

Cell Cycle Control Notes/HeLa

Cell Cycle Regulation POGIL

Chap 12 Lecture

Chap 13 Lecture

Chap 14 Lecture

Chap 15 Lecture

Chap 16 Lecture

Chap 17 Lecture

Chapter 17 Lecture-Mutations

Chap 18 Lecture-viruses

Chapter 20 Lecture-Tech

Chap 20 Lecture-powerpoint

Chi Square Activity

Chi Square Practical Problems

Cloning Paper Plasmids

DNA Technology Web Activity

DNA to RNA to Proteins Animations

FRQ Mitosis Chromosomes

Genetic Disorders Project

Henrietta Lacks Ebook

Henrietta Lacks’ Interview 

Henrietta Lacks Reading Guide

Human Karyotype Activity


Meiosis Lab-popbeads

Mitosis and Meiosis Animations

Mitosis and Meiosis Comparison Diagram

Mitosis Animations Activity-root tip

Mitosis Animations Activity

Mutations Lecture

Pedigree Blue People

Read Guide12

Read Guide 13

Read Guide 14

Read Guide 15

Read Guide 16

Read Guide 17



Read Guide 20

Recovering Romanovs Activity

Romanovs-Mitochondrial Clock article

Romanovs-Your Genes, Your Health website

Regulation of Gene Expression Notes

Review Genetics Unit Holtz Answers

Review Genetics Unit Holtz

Super Bugs Antibiotic Resistance Video

Transformation PGreen Lab

Transformation Data Sheet

Transformation PreLab

Transformation Lab

Unit3 Study Guide Part 1

Unit3 Study Guide Part 2

Your Genes, Your Health Website-Romanovs

Virus Notes Chapter 18