New School Year 2017-2018

Oct 30-Cell cycle, Cancer activity, Cancer article due

Oct 31-Vocab 1, continue computer activity, Read Guide 12 due

Nov 1/2-HeLa cell movie

Nov 3-Meiosis, karyotypes, Take Home FRQ

Nov 6-Take Home FRQ due (when class begins),

Nov 7-No School, PLC Day

Nov 8/9-Vocab 2, begin Mendel, Problems, Prenatal article due.

Nov 10-Continue with Genetics, review problems, Genetics Disorder project, Take Home FRQ and M/C

Nov 13-FRQ and M/C due-no exceptions, Romanov Activity with extension

Nov 14-Read Guide 13 due, Romanovs due, review problems

Nov 15/16-Chi Square activity, Practical Chi Square, Why Genes Aren’t Destiny due

Nov 17-Practical Chi Square finish, Bozeman 27 parts 1 & 2 for over break (for a grade), Genetics project due Friday, November 24th by 11:55pm.

Nov 18-Nov 26—Thanksgiving Break, no school

Nov 27-Bozeman 27-parts 1 & 2 due (for a grade), DNA and RNA, Replication videos

Nov 28-Vocab 3, ReadGuide 14 due, DNA to RNA

Nov 29/30-Bozeman 33 due, Finish DNA to RNA, RNA to protein

Dec 1-ReadGuide 15 due, virus/mutations

Dec 4-ReadGuide 16 due, Paper plasmid activity

Dec 5-ReadGuide 17 due, Vocab 4, Transformation prelab, Bozeman transformation

Dec 6/7-Transformation Lab, Read Guide 20 due

Dec 8-Lab results, finish lab

Dec 11-Bozeman 31 due, Biotech notes, DNA technology-Gel/PCR

Dec 12-Vocab 5, Read Guide 18 due, Review time for test

Dec 13/14-Geneticts/DNA Test,, Begin Hardy Weinburg and problems

Dec 15– Hardy Weinburg and problems, Take Home FRQs (2)

Dec 18-Finals–HR and 2-final will consist of your take home FRQs (2) and a timed write.

Dec 19-Finals–1 and 3-final will consist of your take home FRQs (2) and a timed write.

Dec 20-Finals–4 and 6-final will consist of your take home FRQs (2) and a timed write.

Dec 21-Finals–5 and 7

Dec 22-End of Semester, no students

Jan 8-School, Hardy Weinburg review and notes

Jan 9-Bozeman 1-4 due, Grebe Grebe, All About Vitamins article due

Jan 10/11-vocab 6, Island Biogeography activity then notes, Read Guide 22 due, Take Home FRQs due Tuesday.

Jan 12-No School, PLC Day

Jan 15–No School, MLK Holiday

Jan 16-Human hand activity part 1, Take Home FRQs due, phylogeny

Jan 17/18-Vocab 7, BLAST lab, Read Guide 23 due

Jan 19-Human hand activity part 2 (hands taped by 8:00am for 5 class periods), Bozeman 6-9 due, History of Candy info

Jan 22

Jan 23

Jan 24/25

Jan 26-Evolution Test

Mar 19-23–Spring Break

May 14-AP Biology Exam 8am