Mock Exam is on Wednesday, April 12th.  Be here by 7:20am; location TBD. 

AP Bio Exam is on Monday, May 8th. More info to come soon.

Feb 13-Take home test due (no exceptions); Classification packet due; Bozeman45-systems, project info

Feb 14-vocab 6, circulation notes, Grade FRQ #1

Feb 15/16-Circulation/exercise lab

Feb 17-PLC Day, no school

Feb 20-No school, President’s Day

Feb 21-Lab due, Digestion, Circulation, and Respiratory systems due, Quiz, Fish prelab

Feb 22/23-Vocab 7 (last one!), Goldfish circulation lab

Feb 24-Timed Write (circulation), fish lab due, Immune & Excretory due

Feb 27-Quiz, Bozeman lecture, notes

Feb 28-Endocrine & Reproductive due, Quiz, Notes

Mar 1/2-Dissection, after school review sessions begin on 3/1 at 3pm.

Mar 3-Finish dissection, work time

Mar 6-Take home FRQs, Behavior

Mar 7-Nervous & Muscular due, Quiz, Entire project must be emailed to me by 11:59pm tonight.

Mar 8/9-Pill Bug Behavior lab, After School Review on 3/8 at 3pm,

Mar 10-FRQs due, pill bug lab due, muscle contraction

Mar 13-Review

Mar 14-Systems Test

Mar 15/16-Plant Hormones (computer cart), Plant Anatomy, Work on Advertisement

Mar 17-End Third Quarter, No School-PLC Day

Mar 27-depends on plants (?)

Mar 28

Mar 29/30

Mar 31-Hormone Ad due (present)

April 12-Mock Exam; be here by 7:20am, location TBD.

May 1

May 2

May 3/4

May 5-Last Day of class, Review

May 8-AP Bio Exam; be here by 7:15ish, location TBD.