New School Year 2017-2018

Aug 28-Nutrition activity due, Enzyme Notes, Enzymes at Work, lab info, get FRQ

Aug 29-Vocab #3, Begin Enzyme lab, Read Guide 8 due

Aug 30/31-Enzymes at Work due (end of class), finish lab

Sep 1-FRQ due when class begins-no exceptions, lab due, Cell Campaign info

Sep 4-Labor Day, no school; Homecoming Week

Sep 5-Test chapters 5 & 8–no vocab, Cell organelle sheet, Pro/Euk Cells

Sep 6/7-Cell Size lab part 1, Campaign time

Sep 8-Cell Size lab part 2, Campaign time, Bozeman 43 due

Sep 11-Cell Communication Activity, CF article due block, Review plant, animal, bacteria organelle sheet. Do Bozeman 37

Sep 12-Read Guide 7 due, Vocab 4, Review Pro/Euk sheet, finish cell communication activity, Campaign time as needed

Sep 13/14-Drawing membranes, Bubble demo, CF article due, Campaign time as needed

Sep 15-Campaign presentations, prelab for Monday

Sep 18-Bozeman 16 due, Osmosis/diffusion lab set up

Sep 19– NO vocab, Dying to See article due, collect results from lab, tonicity

Sep 20/21-Timed Write, Nobel article due, Part 3 of lab, work on finishing lab questions

Sep 22-PLC DAY, no school

Sep 25-Lab due, water potential problems

Sep 26-Finish water potential problems as needed, Begin Cellular respiration, hay article due Friday

Sep 27/28-Test on cells/membranes, continue notes on cellular respiration

Sep 29-Finish cellular respiration, review, hay article due

Oct 2-Review, flea dip activity

Oct 3-Vocab #5, prelab

Oct 4/5-Cellular respiration lab (beans)

Oct 6-Finish lab questions and graph-due the end of hour

Oct 7-Oct 15—Fall Break, no school

Oct 16

Oct 17

Oct 18/19

Oct 20

Nov 18-Nov 26—Thanksgiving Break, no school

Dec 22-End of Semester, no students

Jan 8-School