New School Year 2017-2018


Feb 5-FRQs due at the beginning of the hour, group time for research

Feb 6-Vocab 2, review classification–classification packet

Feb 7/8-Animal presentations in class (share with me as well), diversity reading guide due; Test Corrections due on Thursday.

Feb 9-Finish presentations as needed, review, begin animals, Take Home Test on diversity due on Monday.

Feb 12-Take Home Test due when class begins, classification packet due, project info on systems

Feb 13-Vocab 3, Circulation notes

Feb 14/15-Circulation/exercise lab, work on project

Feb 16-PLC Day

Feb 19-No School, President’s Day

Feb 20-Vocab 4, Goldfish prelab, Digestion, Circulation, Respiration due (Quiz 1), work on project

Feb 21/22-Goldfish lab and analysis questions, work on project, timed write info

Feb 23-Lab due, Timed write on circulation, Immune/excretory due; work on project

Feb 26-Quiz on Immune/excretory, Bozeman, work on project

Feb 27-Quiz on Endocrine/reproduction, prelab for dissection, work on project

Feb 28/Mar 1-Vocab 5 (last one), dissection

Mar 2-Project time as needed, finish dissection questions, lab due, (Opening Wish Assembly)

Mar 5-Animal systems challenge due, Notes on animal behavior

Mar 6-Pill bug prelab, take home FRQs due Friday, entire systems project due tonight by 11:59pm (NO Exceptions), Kidney and Nervous system notes

Mar 7/8-Pill bug lab and inquiry

Mar 9-Lab due, FRQs due, Muscle contraction notes, (Closing Wish Assembly)

Mar 12-Review for test, muscle contraction finish

Mar 13-Systems test

Mar 14/15-Plant hormones, Grade FRQs, practice test

Mar 16-Plant hormone time, grade FRQs

Mar 19-23–Spring Break

Apr 20-Comp Day, no school

Apr 30

May 1-Mock Exam part 1 (first half)

May 2/3-Mock Exam part 2 (FRQs)

May 4-Mock Exam part 1 (second half)

May 14-AP Biology Exam 8am