School Year 2017-2018

Feb 5-Continue mutations, Sickle Cell

Feb 6-Blood article and Questions, CHONPS

Feb 7/8-DNA: Secret of Life video, CHONPS

Feb 9-Quiz on RNA, continue CHONPS

Feb 12-CHONPS due, Review for Test, maybe begin Sam video

Feb 13-Test on RNA, Protein synthesis, and mutations; Sam video

Feb 14/15-Sam Video and notes

Feb 16-PLC Day

Feb 19-No School, President’s Day

Feb 20-Meiosis, Finish ReadGuide 9 (reading skills too) due 2/27,

Feb 21/22-Meiosis notes, go over drawings, pipecleaner activity

Feb 23-Go over pipecleaners, spermatogenesis and oogenesis, POGIL

Feb 26-Karyotyping, errors in chromosomes

Feb 27-ReadGuide 9 due, Meiosis review, finish pogil

Feb 28/Mar 1-Hormone notes, body video, meiosis quiz

Mar 2-Gender article and reflection, start clone video, (Opening Wish Assembly)

Mar 5-Finish Clone video, Finish notes

Mar 6-Hormone graphing, review

Mar 7/8-Test on Meiosis, hormone, reproduction, begin genetics

Mar 9-Genetics notes, problems, (Closing Wish Assembly)

Mar 12-Probability lab, Plant F1 of fast plants

Mar 13-Water plants, continue notes and review problems

Mar 14/15-GATTACA and reflection, water

Mar 16-Finish GATTACA

Mar 19-23–Spring Break

Mar 26-Continue and review punnetts, Pollinate plants

Mar 27-Quiz #1 punnetts, continue genetics

Mar 28/29

Mar 30

Apr 20-Comp Day, no school