School Year 2017-2018

Oct 30-Review problems, Sport drink article due, review

Oct 31-Quiz #2, Review, finish article

Nov 1/2-Stem Cell Activity

Nov 3-Test on Cells and Membranes, begin ReadGuide 8

Nov 6-Leaf cross section, ReadGuide 8 includes reading skills

Nov 7-No School, PLC Day

Nov 8/9-Why Are Plants Green Graphing, Spectrum, Notes

Nov 10-Chromatography lab, continue notes

Nov 13-Continue light reactions, review

Nov 14-Start Calvin cycle, review

Nov 15/16-Quiz on Photosynthesis, finish all notes, Factors that Affect Photosynthesis

Nov 17-Reading Guide 8 due, What do Plants Talk About? video/guide

November 20-26 Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27-Review photosynthesis, finish last piece of plant video

Nov 28-Set up bean experiment, Compare photosynthesis to cellular respiration, begin notes on cellular respiration if time

Nov 29/30-Collect results on bean experiment, cellular respiration notes, ReadGuide 7

Dec 1-Quiz 1 on Photosynthesis/Cellular respiration comparison and beans, continue notes

Dec 4-Kreb’s cycle notes, ReadGuide time and POGIL

Dec 5-Animations, review, fermentation

Dec 6/7-Fermentation lab

Dec 8-Review, begin ETC

Dec 11-Review all notes, POGIL due

Dec 12-Review over photosynthesis and cellular respiration

Dec 13/14-Test Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis, Reading Guide 7 due; Review for exam

Dec 15-Review for exam

Dec 18-Finals HR and 2

Dec 19-Finals 1 and 3

Dec 20-Finals 4 and 6

Dec 21-Finals 5 and 7

December 22-January 7 Christmas Break

Jan 8-Mitosis

Jan 9

Jan 10/11

Jan 12-No School, PLC Day

Jan 15-No School, MLK Holiday

Jan 16

Jan 17/18

Jan 19