Feb 6-Sickle cell reading and questions, review questions (due on test day)

Feb 7-The Secret Life of DNA video/guide (32 min), review packet

Feb 8/9-Life According to Sam video/guide, Quiz on RNA

Feb 10-Finish Sam video

Feb 13-CHONPS time, review Sam

Feb 14-CHONPS time, review for test

Feb 15/16-Test on RNA and protein synthesis, review packet due, finish CHONPS, due end of hour

Feb 17No School, PLC day

Feb 20-No School, President’s Day

Feb 21-Begin meiosis, ReadGuide 9 (the rest of it with reading skills) due 2/28

Feb 22/23-Continue meiosis notes (go over drawings), pipecleaners

Feb 24-Last square on notes (assortment), spermatogenesis/oogenesis, pogil

Feb 27-Errors in Meiosis, work on pogil

Feb 28-POGIL due, ReadGuide 9 due, magnetic karyotyping

Mar 1/2-Meiosis quiz, magnetic karyotyping due, hormones & fertilization

Mar 3-Fertilization video clip, finish notes, gender article

Mar 6-Finish any notes needed, begin clone video

Mar 7-Finish Clone video and reflection

Mar 8/9-Hormone graphing, reflection due, review

Mar 10-Test Meiosis, Karyotyping and Reproduction; Wish Assembly

Mar 13-Fast plants-background info

Mar 14-Planting, GATTACA

Mar 15/16-Water plants, Finish GATTACA, reflection due after break if not finished.

Mar 17-No School, End of 3rd Quarter-Spring Break