School Year 2017-2018

Aug 28-Review for test, begin Chemistry

Aug 29-Test over unit 1

Aug 30/31-Termites..what is the problem? variables? What are you testing?

Sep 1-Termite Experiment, lab paper due on Friday, Sep 8.

Sep 4-Labor Day, no school; Homecoming week

Sep 5-Begin chemistry, ReadGuide 4

Sep 6/7-Continue chemistry, building atoms activity, periodic table

Sep 8-Termite lab paper due; no exceptions-no late papers. Begin hydrogen bonding, polarity and water.

Sep 11-Finish water notes, water activity, water reading

Sep 12-Periodic table quiz, finish water activity

Sep 13/14– Notes on pH, Macromolecules, build macromolecules, Read Guide 5

Sep 15-Water Quiz, finish model building, Read Guide 4 due

Sep 18-Finish models as needed, protein notes, review the material

Sep 19-Finish models and back page questions (time to work)

Sep 20/21-Quiz macromolecules, Enzyme notes, Enzyme graphing, Gluten article, model building packet due

Sep 22-No School, PLC Day

Sep 25-Graphs due, finish gluten article for homework as needed. Enzyme prelab

Sep 26-Enzyme lab, Gluten article due

Sep 27/28-Lab due, review begin cells

Sep 29-Test over Chemistry, Water, Macromolecules & Enzymes; Reading guide 5 due

Oct 2-Cells continued, Facebook project

Oct 3

Oct 4/5

Oct 6-End First Quarter